2Taylor Food in Trenton, New Jersey - 2 TAYLOR food thermometers don't last and one is a safety hazard.

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I have had 3 bad products from Taylor in the last 12 months - Now I know better. I bought a remote sensing oven thermometer.

Good idea - lousy product. The cable connection became intermittent and then stopped reading all together. You can not buy a cable alone. I replaced it with an identical model - and the same thing happened.

Two $25 thermometers in 7 months. Then I brought a higher temperature Taylor thermometer (candy) for $20 to check the temperature of oil heating on a range. I used it, waited and waited, and it only read about 250 deg. I used an old Cooper kitchen thermometer I had to check it.

The Cooper read 450 deg plus and the olive oil was starting to smoke - which correlated with the 450 deg plus reading.

So 3 out of 3 Taylor products stunk. I won't buy them again - but their bad working "Candy" thermometer was a major safety issue. I returned it to the place I bought it - telling them this safety issue.

The oil temperature was very near flash point of the oil and root cause of a kitchen fire. They said they'll tell Taylor.



I have bought 2 candy thermometers. The black numbers and calibration lines wash off.

I have a business that I depend on the accuracy of the temperatures.

I can not keep replacing them! Enough already!


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